Mbbs students life


Just heard a patient groaning:
“These doctors are all beasts!
They overcharge then kill us,
And then enjoy their feasts!”

I smiled sarcastically
At the overall I wore,
At scars I got to win it,
At the awful pain I bore.

They wonder how we changed,
Once cream of the nation,
I’ll share some reasons why
We get this accusation.

Ever touched a human bone?
Oh no! It gives you frights!
We can even sleep with them,
Studying in pre-stage nights.

As they enjoy bridal showers,
Alive with lovely melodies,
We work in autopsy rooms-
Examining assaulted bodies.

They shout when their dress is dirty
With a little spilth;
We’re in the pathology labs
Hands dirty with their filth!

Expecting baby, they take rest,
Buy clothes and baby carriages.
We travail in labor rooms,
Preventing their miscarriages.

We see a patient breath his last
But We’re too busy to cry,
For there’s a patient next in line
Whom We just can’t let die.

And if we take a ten-minute rest
In a thirty-six-hour toil,
“Murder!”, “Cruelty!”, “Negligence!”
We sigh- at this turmoil.

Frequently, we hear humans
Threatening to abate us.
We, the beasts, stand unarmed-
Wondering about our status.

Then they attack so horribly
We get disfigured and fractured.
Yet, seminars are held where
On humanity, we get lectured!

When we raise our voices,
Through media, you react!
Declaring natural deaths as
Expiries by neglect!

Hoping in hopelessness,
Breaking down, we stand!
All to give these “Humans”
In their hourglass, sand!

Now when they call us beasts,
Then maybe, they’re right
For we are the Beasts of burden-
Ploughing yet beaten, day and night!

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